Sunday, 3 November 2013

MTC is the best.

Last Sunday was our first day as Sister Training Leaders. We had meetings literally all day! It was long but good. We get lots of talks about modesty and flirting with the Elders but you know me and that isn't a problem. haha Our branch presidency got released on Sunday so President Nally was there! He is the MTC president. I got to meet him and shake his hand! It was cool. Wednesday the new district came in. Sister Pittman and I had to welcome them along with the Zone Leaders and give them a tour of the MTC and answer any questions that they had. It is crazy that we have only been here a week and already showing others around. We have a deaf sister in our zone. Luckily Sister Pittman knows how to sign! It was all so inspired. The deaf sister is so sweet and humble. Truly a special spirit. At lunch that day one of the Elders said that he knew a little bit of sign language. I asked where he learned it and Mom you will never guess what he said?! "I watched this show called SUE THOMAS  F.B.EYE"!!!! Haha It was the best moment ever. We had a good conversation about that. haha One of the Elders from the new district is also a twin. His brother came the same day as well. I asked if he was having a hard time and he got all sad in the face and said that he was having a hard time. I told him he would be ok and that he would see his twin a lot. I feel bad for him but I know he will be ok. I see Katelyn a lot!!! Lots of people come up to me thinking I am her. It is really funny. I wrote her a card and gave it to as Sister to give to her. At lunch the next day I saw the same sister and she came rushing up to me saying that she had a card for me from my twin. Imagine my surprise when she handed me the same card I had given her the day before! haha it was a good laugh. 

I am learning so much here it is crazy. We do a lot of role playing. Our teachers play the role as investigators and we teach them everyday. It is really hard and sometimes I don't think I am getting any better but it is coming. Sister Pittman and I are still getting along really well. We are getting closer as a district and we have a hard time getting to bed on time just because we are always talking. 

We got to go the Temple this morning!!! I loved it! The Provo Temple is HUGE! They have 12 sealing rooms and 8 ordinance rooms!!! It is beautiful inside. It was so good to get out of the MTC and go there! I loved it. We did laundry this afternoon and can now email until dinner time. I am doing well with the food but am getting tired of it. I am happy I am only here 12 days! I met a sister who has been here for 10 weeks! Crazy eh?! 

Yesterday we had In Field Orientation. It has gotten me so excited to go to the field! We talked a lot about talking to everybody we see. We practiced giving very brief statements of testimony and truth and then a pass along card to I am going to talk to everyone I see! They are very big on internet proselyting right now. Pass along cards to and facebook and what not. I am loving it here and am so glad that I am on a mission. My love for Jesus Christ and his Gospel has grown so much. I know without a shadow of a doubt that it is true. It can bless anyone's life no matter what they are going through. Baptism is so important! We read a scripture the other day... I think it was D&C 84:20-22 or something like that and we talked about how baptism is so much more than a commandment. We practice a lot of inviting people to be baptized in the first lesson! At first I was very surprised by this but now I definitely see the importance of it. The Gospel is so amazing and I am so blessed to be apart of it.

Sister Hartley's

My companion, me and Katelyn

Us & our companions. We went on our temple walk together.

Our Zone

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