Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Sister Richardson is a Dietitian!

We had our first interviews with President Richardson this week. I love both him and his wife so much! Sister Richardson was a Dietitian!! We talked for a good 20 minutes about missionary eating habits and what we I have found works well. She wants to give a specialized training on how to eat well. Need I say more? I just love her. We are going to get along so well and I am going to learn so much. President is wonderful as well. We had a great interview. He has so much energy and excitement. I am going to just love them. When Elder Cook came to our mission a few months back he related how a big part of being called to a certain mission is because you need to serve with a certain mission president(s). How true that is. Both the Anderson's and now the Richardson's are exactly who I need. 

We are seeing much success in our area with member referrals. The ward members really trust us and are now giving us there friends to teach. One of which is Elsa. She is an older Catholic woman. Her granddaughter takes piano from one of our dear members. The member has gently been sharing bits and pieces of the Gospel with her. Finally she felt good about having us come over. It was one of the best first lessons I have ever had. The woman pretty much told us how scared she is because the Catholic church is so corrupt and she doesn't feel the spirit at all there anymore. She doesn't pray to Mary anymore or anything but prays directly to God. She knows there is more. She says that she wants what we all have. The next day we taught her the Restoration and she was glowing the entire time! She accepted everything. We didn't even have to invite her to be baptized because she was already talking about it! She is an amazing miracle. I am so grateful for our wonderful members. They lead us to the elect! 

We are continuing to see our recent converts become more and more converted! It is such a blessing. Yesterday Victor got a calling! He is the young man's secretary and there son Alex gave a youth talk! He did such an amazing job! I love them so much! Not only that but they bought a house! It is still in our ward and area thank goodness! We introduced them to family history and Neida was in shock. She is so excited to do it. Victor and the kids have gone to the temple to do baptisms! I love them so much. Angie is doing really well also. She came out teaching with us and bore powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. Considering all we went through helping her with it it was such a blessing to see her internalize it and now bare testimony of it! It was a blessing.

Sister Andrew and I are doing really well...poor thing I feel kind of bad because these past 2 transfers we have had more run ins with Bible bashers then I have ever had before....They are always an interesting experience. She usually just looks right at me and lets me take over... but lately she doesn't back down anymore. She testifies like a champion. I am so proud of her. In moments like these that is all we can do is testify of the Book of Mormon. No one can question a sincere testimony. 

I love you all! I hope that you all have a wonderful week! 


Sister Hartley   

The best thing happened on Saturday...

It is so good to hear from everyone. Thank you for all the letters, prayers, and support. I feel it and I am so grateful. I love Sister Andrew. I am sad though because she is losing her accent. haha It was funny before I never got told that I had an accent but now that I am with her people all of a sudden think I have one... anyways we are getting along well. She is taking the lead more and more and this makes me happy. She is a great missionary. I am so excited for you Katelyn!! You will do an amazing job training. That dear sister is so blessed. She will have an amazing area and an amazing trainer! She will have a wonderful foundation for her entire mission. Some things that really helped me were Elder Scott's talk in the last general conference. It is so important that you let her know that you trust her and let her know that even though she is brand new you are equally yoked and you need her as much as she needs you. One more thing I would say is to make sure you ALWAYS do comp inventory. Just let her feel your love and all will fall into place. You will do wonderful and accomplish much good for the Lord together. 

My favorite part about this week was all of the Member missionary work! On Thursday all of our lessons were member referrals!! Miracle! The members are really taking the family mission plans to heart and we are seeing wonderful things happen. On Thursday morning we had a member call us saying she wanted us to meet her at the church so we could give her friend a chapel tour! Later that day we had another chapel tour with a family that are good friends of Neida's. They have little kids ages 7, 5, and 1 so Sister Andrew had an awesome idea to have make the tour into a scavenger hunt. It was so fun and all the kids enjoyed it and loved being at the church. It is not everyday we have to 2 chapel tours! I am so grateful... The church building is a great missionary tool. I love our dear members. We have established a high level of trust with them and I am so grateful for this. That is just one of the many reasons I am grateful to have spent much time in this area is because of the miracles and relationships we have made with the members. 
This past week we parked our car and were out knocking doors several blocks from the car when the rain decided to fall down by the bucket full. We were soaking from head to toe. We ran all the way back to car, stopping to knock at a few doors here and there... it was quite the experience. We love our Florida weather.

The best thing happened on Saturday... Victor, Alex, and Mimi all went to the Temple to do baptisms!!! The ward had a "New Members Temple Trip". Neida wanted to go but unfortunately had to work. They all loved it!!!!! They are doing so well. I love there family so much!!

Sister Andrew and I had another miracle. We had one solid investigator committed to church and all others had unexpected trials come there way that took them out of town... we knew we needed a miracle. We rounded up who we could and then headed out to contact and invite literally everyone we could to church. We were blessed to be placed in the path of open people, however, none made much mention or desire to come to church... we kept praying for a miracle.. as we were driving back to the church I noticed out of the corner of my eye a young man at the bus stop. I didn't think much of it but kept driving. Suddenly, I couldn't get him out of my mind and I knew we needed to turn around. I quickly (but safely I promise) changed into the turning lane to turn around. Sister Andrew turned to me and said, "Good, I was thinking the same thing. We need to go and talk to him." We went and began talking to him and eventually blessing him. We were sad to find out that he was on his way to work and couldn't come to church. We drove to the church not really knowing who was going to show up but 2 things for sure we did know... we had followed the promptings of the spirit and we were being diligent. We did all we could. During sacrament meeting I couldn't help but overhear the people sitting behind us... it was obvious that this was there first time here. Immediately after the amen of the closing prayer I turned around to meet them! They live in our area and came with there member friend! We taught him last night and he accepted baptism! God blesses our efforts when we always follow his spirit and are diligent. 

We are having a district activity later on today... We are going to play Volleyball and I am going to make taco pizza... it should be fun. We have the best district ever. 

Have a great week! 


Sister Hartley 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Family mission plan is working

What a growing week it has been. Just like every week... Here are a few miracles we saw: 

Elder Harper, our District Leader, committed us to getting 2 member referrals. We hadn't originally planned on visiting any members in particular but we knew that now we needed to. We prayed and felt inspired to go and see a particular family. We did and followed up with their family mission plan that they have been working to create. They mother was so excited to see us and said she had great news for us. They had 2 families that they had prayed about and felt they were ready for the Gospel! After church on Sunday we went with one of there youth sons to meet and harvest bless them. The father loved the blessing and accepted to learn more. We are having FHE with them tonight at the members home. The father said that he has been thinking about having a more spiritual life for quite sometime. He is so prepared. The Member family is so excited as well. They are catching the wave. I am so grateful for an inspired commitment from an inspired district leader. I am also grateful for inspired members who actively pray for missionary opportunities and then act accordingly. I am so grateful that the members are catching on to the family mission plan. It is working miracles. 

A few months ago we received a media referral that we attempted to see but could never make contact. We finally just left a chapel card with our number on it praying she would come to church. On Sunday we walked into church after a not successful roundup with a prayer in our hearts that someone would be there. A lady came up to me looked at my tag and smiling said , "O your the one that put this card on my door!" It was a miracle. She came to church and wants to be baptized. It was a huge miracle because of our hard work, diligence, and continued obedience. 

As you can see, the Lord is pouring out his spirit over our area and we are so grateful. In the Book of Mormon this past week I was studying Jacob 5 and Mosiah 2 and paying particular attention to the different qualities that a servant of the Lord possesses. The main ones that stood out were being anxiously engaged in a good cause, always accounting with the Lord, and ultimately completely submitting our will to him. A better servant I am striving to be. 

We have a particular part member family that we are working closely with. The husband is a member but the wife is not. I love them so much and just want so badly to see them completed. We talk to the husband regularly about what to do to help soften his Wife's heart. We explained to him the power of the Book of Mormon and committed him to physically read it where she can see rather then reading it on his phone. We also committed him to leave it out and open in a visual place where she can see it opened and marked. There is power in this. In just leaving the Book of Mormon open on the table. It brings the spirit so much stronger into the home and it also helps her to be curious. This past week we arranged to go and do service for them. The Elders helped him take down a shed in his backyard (pour things probably died in the heat) and we helped her vaccum and mop.. We all then had lunch together. It went so well!! We all had fun and got to connect with them on a whole new level. We even spotted the husbands scriptures open and on the table just like we told him to. Haha on our way out he smiled and said, "Sisters did you see the scriptures?!" haha it was pretty funny. He just wants his wife to be baptized and sealed in the Temple so bad. Every week it breaks my heart to see him sitting at church all by himself. I can see the longing on his face. Please pray for them. I know she will be baptized soon. 

I love this area and I love this ward. It is full of amazing people. I think the biggest thing I have been learning lately is literally the only thing we can give God is our will. The only thing we have that is ours is our agency. All God requires is that we literally give our will to him. We must completely surrender ourselves to him withholding nothing. I once heard a quote that the greatest battles we will ever fight will be within the chambers of our own heart. How true that is. This is the great test of mortality. There is a great talk by Elder Maxwell called "Willing to Submit" It is definitely worth some study. It is so hard to literally give your will to the Lord. But it is the only way. 

I hope that you all have a great week! 


Sister Hartley 
This is what we look like in 94 weather.  It was hot and humid on Saturday.  Almost every door we knocked on offered us a bottle of water.  Last Monday I bought a water jug like the one the boys always take on the tactorto keep in the car of cold water.  So we can constantly fill up our water bottles with cold water.  Best idea ever.

Yesterday we all matched and didn't even plan it.  Unity never fails.  We then went to a member house for dinner and she even matched as well. Too funny!!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I get to do something that not many missionaries get to do.

Happy 4th. There was a ward breakfast. It was so fun. We heard fireworks for 3 days straight! It all made a big mess. 

It has been a good week. Transfers are this week. I am staying. haha I love this area. Who knows maybe i'll never leave. I am so grateful for staying here.  and that is see our recent converts progress! They all have changed so much. I think that Victor and Nedia and there family have changed the most. Nedia got a calling yesterday! She is the young woman secretary! Sister Lieber (YW president) said that ever since the ward had been created (back in February) she hadn't felt good about anyone for her secretary so she never called one. However, once Nedia and her family were baptized she knew that Nedia was the one she was patiently waiting for. Isn't that neat?! It is so cool with the new ward. We have so many callings that need to be filled that God is literally leading us to those who need to fill the callings. He organizes everything perfectly. 

We have a dear Sister that is returning to activity. She hasn't been to church in 35 years. She has caught the spirit of Elijah. It literally is her family that has already passed that is bringing her back. She wants nothing more than to be sealed to her parents. It is so precious. I will get a picture of her this week. She is precious. 

We all got to Meet President Richardson and his wife this week. They are wonderful. He shook all of our hands. His Grandma grew up in Taber so he spent many summers there. He could talk about Southern Alberta for days. He told us some pretty neat facts about our mission and I am going to take some time to brag....haha..... he said that our mission, according to the Apostles, is the most obedient mission in the ENTIRE world and as a result we are the highest baptizing mission is North America. Exact Obedience brings miracles. I am so grateful to be in this mission. We do all we can to be obedient. Not because we are compelled to be or because we want the blessings but because we Love God with all our hearts. I am so grateful to be here. 

Sister Hartley 

Happy Canada Day! It was a great day!!! Thanks both Mom and Aunt Bev for all the fun decorations! We just "happened" to have apartment inspections as well so the Sommerfeldt's were able to see it! They loved it! I just adore them both. It is such a blessing to have them here. 

Last P-Day we played volleyball in the soaking rain as a district! So fun! Sister Andrew and I had to change right after to go get something for the Scones so that is why we changed.