Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Sister Richardson is a Dietitian!

We had our first interviews with President Richardson this week. I love both him and his wife so much! Sister Richardson was a Dietitian!! We talked for a good 20 minutes about missionary eating habits and what we I have found works well. She wants to give a specialized training on how to eat well. Need I say more? I just love her. We are going to get along so well and I am going to learn so much. President is wonderful as well. We had a great interview. He has so much energy and excitement. I am going to just love them. When Elder Cook came to our mission a few months back he related how a big part of being called to a certain mission is because you need to serve with a certain mission president(s). How true that is. Both the Anderson's and now the Richardson's are exactly who I need. 

We are seeing much success in our area with member referrals. The ward members really trust us and are now giving us there friends to teach. One of which is Elsa. She is an older Catholic woman. Her granddaughter takes piano from one of our dear members. The member has gently been sharing bits and pieces of the Gospel with her. Finally she felt good about having us come over. It was one of the best first lessons I have ever had. The woman pretty much told us how scared she is because the Catholic church is so corrupt and she doesn't feel the spirit at all there anymore. She doesn't pray to Mary anymore or anything but prays directly to God. She knows there is more. She says that she wants what we all have. The next day we taught her the Restoration and she was glowing the entire time! She accepted everything. We didn't even have to invite her to be baptized because she was already talking about it! She is an amazing miracle. I am so grateful for our wonderful members. They lead us to the elect! 

We are continuing to see our recent converts become more and more converted! It is such a blessing. Yesterday Victor got a calling! He is the young man's secretary and there son Alex gave a youth talk! He did such an amazing job! I love them so much! Not only that but they bought a house! It is still in our ward and area thank goodness! We introduced them to family history and Neida was in shock. She is so excited to do it. Victor and the kids have gone to the temple to do baptisms! I love them so much. Angie is doing really well also. She came out teaching with us and bore powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. Considering all we went through helping her with it it was such a blessing to see her internalize it and now bare testimony of it! It was a blessing.

Sister Andrew and I are doing really well...poor thing I feel kind of bad because these past 2 transfers we have had more run ins with Bible bashers then I have ever had before....They are always an interesting experience. She usually just looks right at me and lets me take over... but lately she doesn't back down anymore. She testifies like a champion. I am so proud of her. In moments like these that is all we can do is testify of the Book of Mormon. No one can question a sincere testimony. 

I love you all! I hope that you all have a wonderful week! 


Sister Hartley   

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