Friday, 8 August 2014

I love my Companion!

Travis I love the pictures of the Tim Tam Slam! haha I showed Sister Andrew and she got so excited. I guess it is a New Zealand thing eh? Speaking of Sister Andrew and New Zealand... she has started driving so she can better learn the area. In New Zealand they drive on the other side of the road and the steering wheel is on the other side of the car. Basically everything is opposite. We haven't died yet though so that is a blessing. I sit very cautiously though in the passengers seat! haha I think the funniest thing is when she goes to signal and the wind shield wipers go. It is priceless. I love my companion! 

I am so proud of Sister Andrew she has come so far, I have as well. We have had many precious experiences together. However, I have been feeling bad that we have only had 1 baptism together and it was right when she first got here so she hasn't really been able to see anyone progress and be baptized. I have been trying not to let this bother me. I really want her to experience it. Before I been very blessed to baptize consistently and the fact that we hadn't been somehow made me feel like I was failing as trainer. I look back now and realize how prideful that is! (Don't worry I have repented...) Well Elder Harper, being the inspired District Leader that he is, gave us a revelatory comp study on what a successful missionary is. I know page 10 of PMG really well but until this point had not yet fully internalized it. We talked about the most important thing about our missions is that we come closer to Jesus Christ. We strive to acquire and emulate his attributes and character and then help others to do the same. As long as we are doing that we are successful. During this comp study I realized a very important lesson. That being, that both Sister Andrew and I are doing all that we can. We doing our best to be exactly obedient, we are diligent each and every day, and we are full of faith. Both feel like we are giving it our all. I realize better now that the best thing that I can do as a trainer is to help Sister Andrew see that a successful missionary is not a baptizing missionary. It is a Sister who has internalized both her purpose and the atonement. It is one who is constantly and consistently changing and becoming something better through Christ. This is where we find the greatest joy. What a trust and responsibility the Lord has given me to help teach this lesson to Sister Andrew, for it is a lesson that will benefit both of us eternally.

A quick miracle from this past week is that we were on our bikes contacting and harvesting. We had been going for an hour and not seen much of anything happen. We realized that we were running late for our next appointment so we started heading back to the car. On the way back we biked by a house and felt like we should knock. We knew were were going to be even more late but we turned around, parked the bikes and went to knock. We waited and waited and no one answered. Satisfied, we left a card on the door and headed back to our bikes. Just then a man rubbing his eyes stumbled out the door obviously just woken up. We were able to bless him and see him accept everything. It was a miracle. Biking is the best. Honestly...even in the Florida humidity--which I may add is the strangest thing! You literally walk outside and are immediately covered in sweat. When we get back from running in the morning we are really soaking. When it rains it is a blessing. 
Also guess what? Elder and Sister Sommerfeldt are coming home this week! I am so so so sad to see them go! 

I love you all! Have a great week. We are having a zone activity today so it will be really fun. Our zone is full of a lot of hard working, converted Elders and Sisters and I love them all to death. It will be a fun afternoon. 

Love you all! 
I got a flat tire on my bike this past week. The Elders gave me step by step as to how to do it over the phone. I got pretty far by myself but you all know how I am at these kind of things. Finally I got called our favorite part member family and he said he would take care of it. It was a win, win. He fixed my bike and we got to visit with his wife! 

I love the Delray Ward! One of my favorite members and the young woman! Love them all.

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