Wednesday, 27 August 2014

I am very excited/humbled to be serving as an Sister Training Leader

my beautiful Aussi comp

A little taste of Palm Beach for ya... it is pretty humble.

Saying goodbye...hardest thing ever!!!
Well... what a week it has been. I am so excited/overwhelmed for this transfer. Transfer meeting was CRAZY! There were so many changes made. It feels like a completely new mission. President Richardson is making it his mission. He has been here for a while now and has things figured out as to how he wants to do it. I am excited. I about died when they read my name and said my new area and companion! I am now serving with Sister Aisa in an area called Palm Beach. The funny thing is I didn't even leave my zone! haha I have been in the same zone my entire mission so far... (Sister Steg why am I just like you?! haha) Sister Aisa is such a good companion. She is from Australia but not Travis's mission she lives in the Brisbane mission. It was funny she was my STL and we went on an exchange just under 2 weeks ago and had a great time and now I am her companion. I am very excited/humbled to be serving as an Sister Training Leader with her. We look after 7 companionships of Sisters. We go on one full exchange and 2 fire exchanges every week... in other words, we are very very busy. I have never been so tired. It is a good tired though. I figure I only get to serve the Lord in this way once and I need to embrace it and cherish every moment. I love our dear sisters so much. They are amazing. I went on my first exchange this past week and was very humbled. I learned a lot. Most Sisters think the STL's are there to be an example and learn from but in reality the opposite is true. We probably learn more from them then they do from us. As a leader you see lots of things that you don't as a regular missionary. So much goes on. Basically it has taught me that I literally have so much to be grateful for. I have no reason to ever ever complain!!!!! 
The Comp Study with our District leader

Heavenly Father has blessed me so much. I have a new appreciation for the Assistants to the President. Man are they ever amazing and work so so very hard! I enjoy getting to talk to them regularly I learn so much from them. Looking back I can see how God has been preparing me for this my entire mission... especially with Sister Stegelmeier being my trainer. I am so grateful. One thing I love about being a leader is having an awesome companion! You don't have to worry about dis obedient issues or anything like that because we both have to set the tone and be the example. It is nice. We get along really well together and both work very hard. Even though we have only been together for a week we are really unified. We teach very well together. I am so grateful.... I just love her to death. The new area and ward are awesome. The zone leaders serve in our ward to so we get to spend lots of time with them. It is really fun....I think I will stay. :D haha  Anyways I don't have much time.... to be honest letter writing is going to be hard. On PDay's all we want to do is sleep... haha I will do my best. If you don't get a letter just know it is not because I didn't want to, it is because I am losing myself in this great work. Now I not only get to work to bring our investigators closer to Christ, but other sisters as well. I am so excited. I love this work.

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