Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Victor and Neida were married on Saturday and then baptized on Sunday. The family is now complete!

Neida's Wedding day
It has been an amazing week here in Delray/Boynton. We got transfer news last night and I am staying and training! I am beyond excited to be training a new missionary. I will learn so much. This means that I will be in this area for at least another 3 months. I love this ward and area so much. I am getting to know the ward so well. 

Nedia made puffed wheat square.  She googled the recipe.  She said she hunted the grocery store high and low for all the ingredients.  What a sweetie.
We had a wonderful week. The weekend was especially a highlight. Victor and Neida were married on Saturday and then baptized on Sunday. The family is now complete! I love them so much! They have changed so much in such a short time. There family is much closer together and so much happier. They sure like to tease me about being Canadian. Especially about the whole "Squares" thing that I told Mom about last week. They truly are a miracle from the Temple. That is where it all started. I love them. They have there eyes set firmly on the Temple and are going to do what ever it takes to get there. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Mom thank you so much for sharing what you have been learning in PMG with me! That made me so happy. I love that you are studying it. I definitely agree with you that I feel like an investigator every time I read it as well. I am really working on trying to teach the Doctrines simply. I tend to make it more complicated that it needs to be. Role playing really helps with this. 

Well I know this is short... so much goes on that I just don't know how to put into words. I have lots of pictures that just say it all. 

I love you! I hope you have a wonderful week. Next week I will for sure send a picture of my little Greenie! Can't wait to meet her tomorrow


Sister Hartley 
                                      Victor and Neida's family are complete. Here is their journey:
The children get baptized

Neida and Victor get baptized.
The Victor and Neida get married.  The journey is complete!

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

We see miracles as we labor.

Boy do I have a funny story for you! We were meeting with Victor and Neida to make plans for there wedding and we were talking about refreshments for after and I said, "We could just have relief society sisters bring cookies and squares" They all just looked at me so funny. All of them. What is a square? they all say? I was like you know "cookies or squares" They had no idea what I was talking about. Everyone I have asked since then has never heard of it described that way. They just say brownies or dessert... it was really funny anyways. I don't know it must just be a cardston thing. They also have never heard of puffed wheat squares before!!!! They have never heard of puffed wheat? Who would have thought eh? Can you please send me some puffed wheat? 
It is hard to believe that the last week of the transfer is here and with that the final week for Sister Price. We, like always, are motivated to give it our all and remain resolute until the end. We have no doubt that God will bless us with many wonderful miracles.

The work is progressing very steadily here in Delray. We recently met with our ward mission leader and helped him form a ward mission plan. We are focusing a lot on member missionary work in effort to strengthen the ward with strong, elect, whole and complete families. Yesterday started the  beginning of a ward 40 day fast for missionary purposes. In addition, we are encouraging each individual and family to create and implement a family mission plan. Bishop has allowed us to teach the upcoming 5th Sunday lesson to further help the members catch the vision and create there own plan. I am excited for it. The ward council is very supportive. We all work very well together. 

We love our area and continue to  We are excited for Victor and Neida's  marriage and baptism this weekend. We are working with several others that are progressing well. We are striving to have a consistent teaching pool. We have been finding much success as we prayerfully identify less actives to visit. God always leads us to someone to teach as we rescue. We felt very inspired to visit a less active family that we had been diligently working with but not seeing much action taken on there part. We weren't to motivated to go and see them again but the spirit directed us to so we did. When we knocked on the door an unfamiliar face answered. Turns out the Mother's brother just moved here and is currently living with them! We were able to teach him and solidify them all for church. He came and loved it! He has been reading in the Book of Mormon and is very excited for baptism. It is such a miracle. 

In the Book of Mormon I have been reading in Ether. What wonderful lessons we can learn. One that stood out to me was the importance of accountability. We must always return and report. Doing so gives us further instruction and enlightenment from God. It is when we forget to account with the Lord that we no longer progress becoming stagnant, comfortable, and thus prideful. The Brother of Jared and there families heeded God's guidance for a time but then sat still for 4 years because they were content with what they had. Think of what they could have done! Think of what I could do if I would consistently account with the Lord! In effort to do this, I am recording more in my journal each night as I pray... I write down the revelation he gives me and what he wants me to do so that I can report on it the next morning or night. What peace this has brought. 

I love Preach My Gospel and continue to learn and grow as I make it the center of my studies. How is your study of PMG coming? I am still patiently waiting to hear what you all are learning. One truth that I have been learning about is how death does not change our personality nor our desires for good or evil. Teaching this restored truth, especially to those who struggle with addictions, is powerful. How important it is to get things in order here while on earth, for that is the very purpose of life. When we die we will not all of a sudden be smart and have a full understanding, but rather our bank of knowledge and attributes will be but the same that we learned and worked for in this life. Do not procrastinate the day of your repentance until the end! 


Sister Hartley 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Exchanges are wonderful.

It has been yet another week of miracles up in Delray North. Sister Price and I are doing well and it is hard to believe that our time together is drawing to a close. We are determined to remain resolute to the end. Looking back on our time together, I can see that she has taught me so much and I am most grateful. I think the biggest thing she has taught me is the importance of charity. We cannot help anyone unless we first love them. I will be eternally grateful for this lesson. 

We had exchanges this past week and I had the wonderful opportunity of being with Sister Smith. I love this dear Sister! I learned so much from her. Throughout the day she asked me inspired questions as to how I was doing and how our companionship was doing. I was really able to open up and recognize areas in myself that need attention. We talked a lot about how the Lord defines success and how I need not be so critical of myself. I feel a lot more peace within myself after the exchange and I am grateful to Sister Smith for being a Christlike leader. She is amazing. 

On exchange we saw a miracle with a couple we have been teaching that went to the open house. They need to be married but had not picked a date yet. Thus, our end goal for the lesson was to have a marriage date picked. The spirit was strongly present as Sister Smith and I worked together asking inspiring questions, sharing doctrine, and testifying. Finally, we concluded with promising blessings. It was amazing to just observe them after: they both looked at each other, pulled out there phone and examined the calendar. Then looking up they both smiled and said, "May 24 and baptized on the 25."! It was a wonderful moment and truly a miracle. 

We were in great need for new investigators on Saturday so we prayed earnestly that we would be able to teach as we found. God definitely granted us our desire as we knocked on Carlee's door. She loved the prayer and felt the spirit so strong. She accepted everything and we were able to teach her the Sabbath day to solidify her for church. The next morning we went to round her up and she was already up and getting ready! She came to church! Since we weren't able to teach her prior, she was confused as the speakers talked about the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith and other things. During gospel principles we took her and taught a powerful restoration lesson. We were able to have 2 members with us who were previously of the same religion that she was. She related to both members so well. It was an amazing experience and truly a miracle. Carlee is so excited to learn more and be baptized along with her husband! 

All in all, it has been a successful week. The Delray Beach ward continues to grown and be strengthened as we strive to reactivate and baptize strong elect families. We had a meeting with our ward mission leader this past week to help him for a ward mission plan and set specific plans as to how we will strengthen the ward. We are excited to put our plans into practice. 


Sister Hartley 
We are able to eat McDonalds for free.

Service project

Just cooking supper for everyone.

Friday, 9 May 2014

The cultural celebration was so wonderful

Things are going well here in Delray/Boynton. The Cultural celebration was so fun and I am so happy to have been apart of it. The dedication yesterday went so well. We got to go to 2 sessions. I loved it. We are continuing to see miracles manifest themselves through the Temple. 

This morning Sister Taylor picked us up bright and early at 6:30 to go to a nature place. She brought us breakfast and we walked around. It was fun and relaxing. She is the sweetest lady and would truly do anything for us. 

I love living with sisters. It is fun and you learn even more. I still run the kitchen though for the most part so that is nice. ha ha no complaints there. We are all so easy going so it works well.

I love you all! 

Cultural celebration

Sister Price and me 

Our preparation day adventure with Sister Taylor

We saw the back side of a alligator.  I was scanning the water for one and I saw what looked like a log but then it moved and sure enough it was a gator.

Cultural celebration for the temple is coming up.

We had a miracle filled week. Monday we were at the church playing sports with the Elders when Sister Price handed me the phone and I saw the contact as President Anderson. My heart dropped, for I had no idea why he was calling us. I answered the phone and he told us the good news that Dorie had received the necessary permission to be baptized! I about died of joy on the phone! haha We have been waiting along time for this so it was wonderful to see her be baptized on friday. She said that she was praying to be baptized before the Temple Dedication so that she could go and God undoubtedly answered her prayer. For her baptism she said she wanted to sing Onward Christian Soldiers so Sister Price and I played it together I played left hand and she played right... it worked well and Dorie got a kick out of it. She was so happy. I am so happy for her. 

Victor and Neida's two children were baptized on Sunday as well. They are a very awesome elect family that I love. We have become wonderful friends. Neida asked us how we know where to go and knock doors and Victor responded, "I know what Sister Hartley does... she just follows all the super duties around and knocks on there doors!... if there is a super duty in the drive way she knocks on it." haha I thought Katelyn would enjoy that. It made me laugh. It might be true it might not be... haha There baptism went wonderful on Sunday. While the kids were changing we went and grabbed Victor and Neida and talked with them. We identified the spirit and asked how they felt as there kids were baptized... I asked them whose turn it was next and both of them looked at each, smiled and said "It is ours" I asked what had to happen in order to get there and they smiled and said, "We need to be married." They are so motivated. We are helping them make specific plans. I am determined to do all I can for this family. They went to the open house twice and loved it. They know that is where they need to be. I love them so much. 

Something that mission has undoubtedly taught me is how important principles are. They are simple statements of truth packaged for application. When we focus our lives on the basic Christ centered principles of the Gospel we will have a sure solid foundation established on Christ himself. Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and just like at home lost of the testimonies are simply just stories. One of our investigators related to me how she didn't agree with lots of what the people shared. I explained to her that you need not pay attention to the story but the principle displayed behind it. She readily confirmed that she agreed with all of the principles just not how the people particularly applied them. haha that is why we bare testimony of what we know to be true. Of principles of the Gospel. How we apply them will be different for each person but that doesn't change the truth behind them. I love what Joseph Smith said, "I teach them correct principles and they govern themselves". That is undoubtedly going to be my motto as a mother.

This past week I took some time to study Elder Ballard's talk from Conference. It was so good. Preach My Gospel is so good and if all members read it there is no describing the effect it would have. This week my studies were focused on Chapter 11 and the importance of helping our investigators make and keep commitments. This is central to successful missionary work because when our investigators keep commitments they strengthen there faith and repent. They come to Christ. Preach My Gospel is amazing. I would love to here that you all are studying Preach My Gospel. Will you please tell me something that you learn from it each week. We will learn together. I know that as we do this God will bless you and me. It is a win win. 

The Cultural Celebration is this Saturday. It will be at 7 eastern time so 5 at home. Here is a link to watch it at. 

Have a wonderful week! 


Sister Hartley 
This is how hot it gets.

Dorie's happy day.

Victor and Neida's family.  I love them.

So this one time we came home from harvesting with 2 mangos and a stick of sugar can.  People love us.