Friday, 9 May 2014

Cultural celebration for the temple is coming up.

We had a miracle filled week. Monday we were at the church playing sports with the Elders when Sister Price handed me the phone and I saw the contact as President Anderson. My heart dropped, for I had no idea why he was calling us. I answered the phone and he told us the good news that Dorie had received the necessary permission to be baptized! I about died of joy on the phone! haha We have been waiting along time for this so it was wonderful to see her be baptized on friday. She said that she was praying to be baptized before the Temple Dedication so that she could go and God undoubtedly answered her prayer. For her baptism she said she wanted to sing Onward Christian Soldiers so Sister Price and I played it together I played left hand and she played right... it worked well and Dorie got a kick out of it. She was so happy. I am so happy for her. 

Victor and Neida's two children were baptized on Sunday as well. They are a very awesome elect family that I love. We have become wonderful friends. Neida asked us how we know where to go and knock doors and Victor responded, "I know what Sister Hartley does... she just follows all the super duties around and knocks on there doors!... if there is a super duty in the drive way she knocks on it." haha I thought Katelyn would enjoy that. It made me laugh. It might be true it might not be... haha There baptism went wonderful on Sunday. While the kids were changing we went and grabbed Victor and Neida and talked with them. We identified the spirit and asked how they felt as there kids were baptized... I asked them whose turn it was next and both of them looked at each, smiled and said "It is ours" I asked what had to happen in order to get there and they smiled and said, "We need to be married." They are so motivated. We are helping them make specific plans. I am determined to do all I can for this family. They went to the open house twice and loved it. They know that is where they need to be. I love them so much. 

Something that mission has undoubtedly taught me is how important principles are. They are simple statements of truth packaged for application. When we focus our lives on the basic Christ centered principles of the Gospel we will have a sure solid foundation established on Christ himself. Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and just like at home lost of the testimonies are simply just stories. One of our investigators related to me how she didn't agree with lots of what the people shared. I explained to her that you need not pay attention to the story but the principle displayed behind it. She readily confirmed that she agreed with all of the principles just not how the people particularly applied them. haha that is why we bare testimony of what we know to be true. Of principles of the Gospel. How we apply them will be different for each person but that doesn't change the truth behind them. I love what Joseph Smith said, "I teach them correct principles and they govern themselves". That is undoubtedly going to be my motto as a mother.

This past week I took some time to study Elder Ballard's talk from Conference. It was so good. Preach My Gospel is so good and if all members read it there is no describing the effect it would have. This week my studies were focused on Chapter 11 and the importance of helping our investigators make and keep commitments. This is central to successful missionary work because when our investigators keep commitments they strengthen there faith and repent. They come to Christ. Preach My Gospel is amazing. I would love to here that you all are studying Preach My Gospel. Will you please tell me something that you learn from it each week. We will learn together. I know that as we do this God will bless you and me. It is a win win. 

The Cultural Celebration is this Saturday. It will be at 7 eastern time so 5 at home. Here is a link to watch it at. 

Have a wonderful week! 


Sister Hartley 
This is how hot it gets.

Dorie's happy day.

Victor and Neida's family.  I love them.

So this one time we came home from harvesting with 2 mangos and a stick of sugar can.  People love us.

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