Tuesday, 22 April 2014

I am so excited to be an Aunt!!!!!!!!

I am so excited to be an Aunt!!!!!!!! I didn't think he would come this early but I am so excited that he is here. 

-the split our area into two! Delray north and Delray south. Sister Price and I are in the north area. 2 sisters now share the apartment with us. They are so sweet and nice I love them so much already. One of them really reminds me of Sariah. How she talks, acts, everything about her just screams Sariah! I love living with sisters! It is awesome. We handed over lots of our teaching pool to them because they are no longer in our area. It was hard to do but I know it is for the best. We will find many wonderful people in the coming days in addition to the ones we are already working with. 

Temple open house.  The tents where we taught and introduced the temple.

Elder Sommerfeldt being himself.  I love them so much.  They really spoil me. We get along well. They are from Cardston.

Last day of temple open house.  The North sisterhood

-Yesterday was a big day in the Delray ward! It was the first sunday since the ward started that all Aaronic Priesthood holders passed the sacrament! Usually it is a lot of Elders! It was so good to see! 2 of them were recent converts! The ward is strengthening. God is hastening his work. 

-O my the conference with Elder cook was AMAZING!! Shaking his hand and meeting him was so SPECIAL! Apostles are so special. The spirit was so strong the entire conference. All the leaders mostly talked about how God is Hastening his work. He said all the first presidency and Q of 12 feel a strong sense of urgency to move everything forward... Not just missionary work but in all aspects of the kingdom. What an exciting time to be a member. I recorded the whole conference so I plan to type up some of the talks and send them to Katelyn and others. 

-The Temple open house has come to a close. Sister Price and I finally got to go into the reception tent. It is where people come after the tour and ask any questions they have. It is the best place to be in my opinion. People have great questions. Many ask how and when they can be baptized or what they need to do to join the church. It is amazing to see the light in there eyes. The spirit touches them so strong. I love every minute of it. People have lots of amazing questions to that really help me to know what I know well and what I still need to study more.

A goal that I have been diligently working on is having more charity for all. As I have prayed earnestly for this gift and sought opportunities to serve, God has blessed me with many wonderful miracles as he helped deepen my capacity to love. I would like to share a few experiences that relate to this:

The first is while we were harvesting. We blessed a wonderful lady and immediately after the prayer she had tears in her eyes. The spirit was undeniably present. She openly shared that she could feel the love we had for her radiating off of us and she felt God's love as a result. She didn't want to let us in but because she instantly felt the love we had for her she couldn't turn us away. As a representative of Jesus Christ, I am so grateful for the opportunity we have to help others see and understand how much God loves them. The more obedient we are, the more faith we have, and the more the atonement is written on our hearts, the more we will be able to emulate God's love. This is undoubtedly a lesson that I have learned this past week. 

The mission.  I look like a giant.  Can you see me?

The second is a Temple miracle. We frequently go to dinner with a part member family. The mother is a member but the daughter is not. Her heart was always very hardened towards us as she had little interest in what we had to say. However, we invited them to the Temple open house with us and she readily agreed to come. Not only did she love the Temple, but we were really able to develop a personal relationship with her as we spent time driving. She saw us as real people. She saw us for who we really were and not just robots programmed to baptize. She realized that we were the way we were because we lived the Gospel. She saw how happy we were and she wanted that for herself. She was touched by all the volunteers at the Temple and she could see that they to were happy and good people because they lived what they believed. She came to church yesterday and was amazed at how sincere and real everyone was. She was in tears multiple times. It has been amazing to see her heart soften right before our eyes. She accepted a date and couldn't be more happier. This experience really taught me how powerful love is. We can't open people's hearts only they for themselves can do that. But through our love there hearts can be softened. They are touched and open there hearts to the spirit. I know that our success will multiply as we have more love. She is undoubtedly someone that I know that I was sent here to teach. She is like me in so many ways and we relate so well to each other. We truly share something special. Her baptism will be a joyous day. 

Thanks for all the love, prayers, and faith! 


Sister Hartley 
Sister Hartley and Sister Price
Coloring Easter Eggs

We had a member feed us gizards.  Welcome to the South.

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