Friday, 4 April 2014

Beautiful Fort Lauderdale Temple

Beautiful Fort Lauderdale Temple

It has been a wonderful week. I don't know where to start but here it goes.
Today has been a much needed, fun and relaxing preparation day. We had a lesson in Sister Hunt's home a few weeks ago and ever since then she is so excited about missionary work! It has been wonderful to see. This morning she texted us and said that she wanted to take us shopping at a really good thrift shop in Boca. Lots of wealthy people live in Boca so the thrift shop is really good. We had so much fun with her this morning. She told us that there were 3 rules that we had to comply to before we went. 1. We each had to get three things 2. There was going to be a competition to see who could find the ugliest thing 3. There had to be chocolate involved ha ha it was so much fun. Sister Hunt is hilarious. Both Sister Price and I found some very nice things. I found 2 skirts that are nice and light for summer and also perfect for biking. It was a win win. Sister Price found so many fun skirts as well. It was definitely a success and the chocolate was pretty good to. We have so many amazing members that take really good care of us.

Sister Price and Sister Hartely Temple open house

We had the Temple training on Tuesday with Elder Walker and the best part is that he trained us inside the Temple while giving us are own tour! The Temple is beautiful. Very Florida. The colors and artwork in it are amazing. I love it so much. The outside isn't white either. It is a sand color perfect for South Florida. Saturday was the first day of the open house for the public and Sister Price and I were very blessed to be in the first group of sisters to work at it. The people come and an usher directs them to one of six tents each tent consisting of one companionship of sister missionaries. We welcome them and give them instructional information and then watch a 12 minute temple telling more about the purpose of temples and the history of them. We then hand them off to a tour guide to go through the Temple. This cycle repeats itself every 20 minutes. Sometimes we have 5 people in the tent sometimes we have 50+ it just depends on the group. I love it though. The spirit is so strong in the Tents as we watch the Movie. There are many tears shed. You can definitely tell who is a member and who isn't and also who is a member but not active. Regardless if they are living the Gospel or not the Temple touches them. Our morning started out early 5 am and we got back to are area at 8 so we had one hour to work. It was a long day. They have a senior couple at the Temple all day to relieve us so we can go to the bathroom or grab a snack but for the most part we are in the tents all day. Time goes by fast though. There was a family from Lethbridge there. I also met many people have family in Cardston. It is a small world in the Church. On Wednesday we will go to the Temple with our investigator Dorie. I am so excited she is going to just love it. We work again there on thursday. We cycle through about every 4 days. In total we will have 6 full days at the Temple. I am so excited.
We have really been working well with the ward. I love getting to know members and getting them excited for missionary work. Role playing with members is pretty much the best thing ever. It really helps them see how easy missionary work is. Our Bishopric is so great. Our meal calendar was looking a little bit empty so yesterday during 5th sunday lesson I made sure to target the bishopric and politely let them know that I was hungry. They got a kick of it and when Bro. Yates was conducting he said that the Sisters were hungry so if they had it in there heart they better sign up to feed us. Everyone laughed. It did the trick though. Our Calendar looks pretty full now and we even had a sister offer to by are groceries for us. I have definitely learned that if I need something just ask for it. My Mission has also taught me to be very bold. I think my trainer may have had something to do with that. ha ha My personality has sure changed. I am known for my excitement and boldness. ha ha Missions truly change you. I have learned that when I am excited others are to. If you can make someone laugh they will instantly trust you. Laughing works wonders. The Ward is great. They all hold a special place in my heart.
Up bright and early to to to the Temple                                                     

We saw many small tender mercies of the Lord this week. Little things that just helped me to remember that the Lord knows who I am. We really wanted these particular kind of granola bars but when we went shopping the store didn't have them. We were pretty bummed because most times unless we have a meal appointment a granola bar is our dinner. Anyways yesterday Sister Archie handed us a grocery bag and inside of it was the exact granola bars we wanted! Small thing I know but it made a big difference. Another thing was that last night I was accounting with Elder McMullin our district leader who is from British Columbia. I asked him to guess what I was eating and he said "Shreddies" He was exactly right and then he asked me to guess what he was eating and I had no idea. He said "Wine Gums" haha they don't make those in the states did you know that? Us Canadians got to stick together. We both got a kick out of us both eating our Canadian treats. Our district gets a kick out of the two canadians. They all say that we speak way more polite then Americans. We say "pardon" when we don't understand and americans just say "uh" there a few other canadian words that people don't say here. Anyways I am pretty proud to be a Canadian. 

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