Wednesday, 9 April 2014

I am so grateful for the power of the Temple

I am so grateful to be here at this time. In the area of Boynton Beach South and in the Florida Fort Lauderdale mission. I can't imagine being anywhere else. I absolutely love being at the Temple. The Spirit is so strong as people enter the tents. You can immediately sense those who are yearning for truth. There hunger for peace and knowledge is evident. We are asked so many wonderful questions in the short few minutes we have with them. Since I have seen the 12 minute video countless times, I have directed my attention to observing the people as they watch it. I love seeing the Spirit touch them especially as Elder Holland testifies of eternal families. The Spirit is so strong as many people are moved to tears. I am so grateful for the power of the Temple. 
The temple is on Shot Gun Road.  That will look good on wedding invitations!

We took Dorie to the temple open house and she loved it.  It wanted to be baptised.

We had the wonderful opportunity of taking our investigator to the Temple this past week. It was so special to just watch her reactions and see the evidence of the Spirit working within her. I loved answering her questions and reminding her to pay attention to how she felt. She kept repeating, "Nothing will keep me from leaving". On the comment card she wrote "Getting baptized soon. . . Send in the good word to President Monson" It was priceless. I am so grateful for the power of the Temple. 

Conference was wonderful as always. I think that I greater appreciate the Mormon Tabernacle Choir now since that is all we listen to. ha ha They are so good. I loved Elder Ballard's talk. I think every missionary was jumping inside for joy when he "followed up". Best moment ever. Without following up accountability is absent. With no accountability there is no motivation. True principle for life. I love being accountable to others. Especially the Lord. I love his call to all members to study Preach My Gospel. What a difference this would make! If all members did this there would be no fear. Only strong unwavering faith. After Conference I was talking with a member and she was expressing her fear to share the Gospel. She said that she wants so bad to open her mouth and share the Gospel but doesn't know how or what to say. The Spirit truly gave me the words to say as I shared with her that studying Preach My Gospel everyday would give her the strength she needed. I told her that she would not learn exactly what to say or how to say it but rather her faith in Christ would deepen giving her greater trust in the promise that if she would open her mouth it would be filled. How true this principle is for all of us, not just missionaries. As we study every morning yes we better understand the Gospel and can teach it more simply but the most important thing that happens is that our faith in God increases. It becomes unshaken. Our covenants made with him become real and motivating. His promises are made sure. We know that he will always give us the words to say. So it is with members as well. Study Preach my Gospel and The Book of Mormon every day and then go forth with faith to share the Gospel! Miracles will come. This I promise. 
This gives you an idea of how crazy the roads are.

I think they put the turn around there just for me.

There are so many road and exits and one wrong turn takes you to Miami. We are slowly learning our way.

In the front of the tent at the temple open house.  This is were the first film is shown and we help the people.

We have an exciting week ahead as we focus our efforts effective planning so that we will be able to find and teach God's elect children. I am looking forward to seeing many wonderful miracles. 


Sister Hartley 

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