Wednesday, 26 March 2014

"...Because thous hast done this with such unwearingness..."

It has undoubtedly been a week of learning experiences and I am so grateful. Sister Price and I have really been working on unity. We saw a great increase in love and trust for one another as we sought to serve and uplift one another. In essence, we were able to bridge the gap of differences and unite together in common cause of our purpose and goals. We have struggled to find the elect but we have full faith that these precious strong families are right there waiting for us and we need to find them. Constantly introspecting on our teaching skills, finding, faith, and obedience, we have full and complete trust that God will lead us to those prepared.
Sometimes I have to remind myself that my legs are twice as long as Sister Prices.  We finally learned that she just has to go in front.
Biking over the I-95

We had the wonderful opportunity of going on Fire Exchanges with Sister Dunford and Smith. I always enjoy my time with the Sister Training Leaders. I can feel there love and sense there continuous commitment to God. I went with Sister Dunford to Harvest a particular street while the other sisters were led by the spirit else where. We approached a door and gave a good determined knock. It didn't take long and a middle aged woman answered. She eagerly and openly accepted the prayer. Afterwards, she had tears in her eyes and expressed that we would not believe what she was about to tell us. She went on to explain that 2 minutes previous she was sitting at her computer when something told her to close her eyes and notice her guardian angels. The minute she closed her eyes she heard the knock at the door. Upon opening the door, she immediately knew that we were those guardian angels that a second previous had been referenced. The spirit was so strong as she related the experience. It was amazing to see how the spirit truly led us to her and her to us. That is faith in action. That is God exercising his power through us because of our faith. There is no greater feeling then seeing the evidence of the spirit working in our lives and the lives of others.
You know your Canadian when... Your mother sends you Canada socks.

Making a yummy super.

Dorie is progressing well. She continues to be patient until the day of her baptism. It is always humorous when ward members ask her when she is getting baptized. She gives her typical Dorie chuckle and says, "Well that just depends. I have to get permission from the head honcho himself all the way up there in Salt Lake." It is priceless. She is reading in the Book of Mormon and growing in faith each day. We had a lesson in a members home this past week. At the beginning we asked a follow up question about how reading the Book of Mormon and praying daily has helped her increase in faith. Her response really touched me. She said that she has noticed such a change in herself. When driving she likes to ponder and she said that while doing this she has realized that she no longer worries about tomorrow or the next day. Rather than fret about what she can't control, she accepts God's will and knows that everything will fall into place. It was amazing to see how before she met us she had faith as an evidence of things that happened in the past, but she did not fully understand the aspect of faith being an assurance of things to happen. She looks forward with hope knowing that God is in control. This is one of my favorite changes to see in people. In other words, I love to see individuals put there trust in God completely because they internalize the promise that Jesus Christ is there Savior and there is a plan laid before them to follow. This gives them a peace that they have never had before and I love to see people recognize that.

This past week in the Book of Mormon I was reading of the experiences of Nephi in Helaman. I love that while heading home he was introspecting with God of why he was not seeing success. I believe that he was doing his best to fight discouragement and keep the faith because it wasn't to long before that he saw much success in baptizing 8000 individuals do to his diligence with his Brother Lehi. I love that God commanded him to go back and preach to the people. If I were him I probably would have been like ok no worries I will go back tomorrow after a good meal and nights sleep. Tomorrow I will be ready. This wasn't his thought process though. He IMMEDIATELY went back and began preaching again. Can you say resolute missionary? He undoubtedly had his purpose internalized. He was blessed for his unwearingness and diligence. I have come to realize that diligence is the secret ingredient. It is what sets apart the resolute from the faithful. The determined from the committed. There are days where I am tired and struggle to keep going fighting fatigue and discouragement but I know that it is in these moments that my commitment to God is defined. Will I falter or will I finish? These words from President Monson echo in my mind during these situations. I know that as I go forth everyday determined to give it my all that God will shower us with miracles.
Happy St. Patricks Day-Fun with Sister Price

I am so excited for Tomorrow! Ready to hear all that is going to happen? We first have District Training, then a comp study with the Zone Leaders, we then get to go to the Temple for special training from Elder Walker! It is going to be a good day. Sadly we won't have to much time in our area but I know God will compensate the time that we do have so long as we are working our hardest. It is going to be a struggle to keep our area going strong and having a solid teaching pool being at the Temple so much in these coming weeks. President keeps repeatedly saying to "Plan well. Don't let your areas suffer!" I know that we must heed that council. 

Mom hear is a fun little story for you... On Saturday we went to a members house in the morning and she works at the dollar tree! She gets so excited about what she finds there. Whenever I would compliment her on something she would just smile and say. "O I got that from the dollar tree." ha ha she even fed us waffles and afterwards she told us they were from the Dollar tree. Both Sister Price and I acted as though we liked them. Honestly though you could tell they were from the Dollar tree if you know what I mean. I am grateful though. It was nice to see her so happy.
Getting our hair done.

It is going to be a good week and I am excited for it.  Sounds like all is well. Time goes by so fast.  I will send some sun because we have plenty to go around. The spring and summer is coming. It rains a lot more now. It is a nice break though.  Love you and hope you all have a great week! 


Sister Hartley 

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