Tuesday, 4 March 2014


I love everything about this picture! Dorie is the one one in the Blue dress. It describes her perfectly! She is straight up from the 80’s.

                          Our Zone...  Elder Mcmullin is still my District Leader for another transfer! Haha

Transfers this week... wait for it.... I AM STAYING IN BOYNTON! I am so excited. Amazing things are happening in our area. I know that this is exactly where I am supposed to be. Sister Price and are both staying together for at least another transfer. It is going to be filled with miracles and baptisms.

Sister Price and I have been working ever so diligent, striving to be exact obedient, and committed to applying the counsel from our leaders. We have made it a goal to contact EVERYONE in our path. God has blessed us with miracles as we have done so. Last Sunday we contacted a man outside of his house. Since he was running late, we gathered his information and set up a return appointment. Earlier this week we tried to follow up with him but he was not home. We noticed a man across the street so we went and contacted him. After blessing him we were running a little bit late for our next appointment. Prior to getting in the car we noticed some more people just down the street and headed down to contact them even though we were already late. We gave them a pass along card and set a return appointment for the next day. No surprise that we were running late the next day as well as we headed to meet the family. On our way to their apartment we spotted another family. We were already steps ahead of them but I remembered that we promised God that we would literally contact everyone in our path. We turned around and headed back to contact them. Here came the miracle. The people were so excited that we came back and talked to them! They recognized us immediately. She was baptized in 94 but none of her kids have been baptized. She has been less active for a long time. We set up a return appointment. When we went back the next day we walked in to see all 5 kids and the mother eagerly awaiting our arrival. They were so excited to talk about church and all are now preparing for baptism. I have never seen a more prepared family. OYM miracles! We had to OYM multiple people to be led to the elect. We have no idea who is prepared so we must talk. Likewise, we have no idea who is being prepared because of the people we talk to. It was a lesson to me of patience with God. It seemed as though we were contacting so many people and not finding the elect. However, as we diligently kept being consistent God led us to the family. Had we not contacted all of the prior people we never would have been led to this elect family.  God truly knows his sheep. He knows where they are and places them in our path. God always does his part. It is up to us to do ours--to open our mouth. 

We had a harvesting miracle this week. We had to drop Angelina and TJ because they were not progressing. It broke my heart because I love them so much. Since we dropped them, they have moved and we no longer had there address. On Sunday we were torn between being obedient and harvesting for an hour or being obedient to go and set people with dates. Both alternatives were good but obviously one was best. We chose to harvest for an hour knowing that God would consecrate our efforts. We felt very prompted to go and harvest on a particular street. The first few houses we knocked we found some pretty grumpy people. However imagine our surprise when the 3rd door we knocked on Angelina answered! We harvested into them AGAIN! She was so happy to see us! The first words out of her mouth were, "I don't believe it. God sent you to us again because he knows that we are ready now. We want to be baptized". MIRACLE! God knows his sheep! He knows where they are! He always does his part. It is up to us to do ours. To have faith and act on any and all promptings that we have! Not only that, but because we chose to be obedient and harvest for an hour God consecrated our efforts and blessed us with 2 additional dates!

God truly has taught me so much this week about patience, diligence, and obedience.I am so grateful for these eternal truths. Truly eternal principles that when exercised miracles are manifested. 

My Book of Mormon study this week taught me so much as I continue my learning from Alma. Something that stood out to me was the components of the strength it takes to overcome temptation and trials. It takes both our strength and God's strength. Sometimes our strength and abilities are high and we only need a little of God's aid to overcome. However more often then not we must rely wholly God's strength as our abilities and skills are low. Just like the the armies of Helamen as they earnestly waited for reinforcements. They were very, very weak and the Lammanites were strong. Rather then be discouraged they knew where there true strength lied--in God. They poured our there hearts to him and humble prayer and were able to beat the Lammanites despite there small numbers. While sometimes our own abilities are high and we need only a little aid, the real learning and progression comes as we learn to rely fully and completely on God. 

We also had exchanges this week. I was up in Wellington with Sister Smith. We had a miracle filled day with much learning. I was again reminded of the importance of OYMing. Our afternoon became very flexible as appointments fell through. While Sister Smith was on the phone I noticed a lady walking into her house. I went over to OYM her. Come to find out that she is a less active that is really wanting to come back. God literally placed someone in our path to fill our afternoon. Again he did his part, but it was up to us to do ours. To contact her! I love Sister Smith. She is truly such an amazing example to me of a resolute missionary. We got along and taught so well together. I love her! 

The Delray Ward is coming together slowly. Bishop has called a lot of people and we should be having ward council this Sunday. We are getting to know the ward members better. We are both talking in church this Sunday so that will be an amazing opportunity to really set a strong foundation and develop trust with the members. It is an amazing ward that is very, very missionary minded. 

I am so happy to here that all is well at home. I am so grateful for all the blessings God has given our family. He is so good to us. 


Sister Hartley 

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