Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Sister Andrew is amazing

Wow what a week! In the 12 week program it was for Sister Andrew to take the lead in EVERYTHING. I really had to keep telling myself to keep my mouth quiet. Sister Andrew did an amazing job!!! I was so so so proud of her. She has grown into an amazing missionary. We also went on exchanges this week which is always a great time with the sister training leaders. I went up north and Sister Andrew took over the area for the day. Again she did an amazing job!!! I am so proud of her. It is hard to believe that this could be our last week together. Transfers is next week so I won't be emailing until Tuesday. I am trying really really hard not to think about it. The thought of leaving Boynton honestly scares me to death! There are just to many precious people here and I know the area...anyways where ever the Lord calls I will go. For now I am just choosing not to think about it. haha I will worry about it next week. 

We had a zone activity last PDay and I learned a great lesson. We played smash face--missionary version of dodge ball. If you get hit you must go down and the only way to get up is to tag someone who is up or get a ball and hit someone else who is in. The other way to get up is if the person who got you out gets out you get back in. Anyways... so I was out and couldn't remember who had gotten me out.I was content watching everyone else play--the elders are very entertaining at it--and wasn't trying to hard to get back in. One of the Elders must have noticed that I hadn't gotten back in in a while. He came over and kneeling down beside me asked who had gotten me out? I told him that I couldn't remember. He responded that it was ok I could just get back in and play anyway. I told him  I was ok and was happy to just sit and watch. He kept trying to get me to play. Finally he stuck out his hand and said here just tag me and I will go down and you can play. You can take my spot. Again I resisted. Finally, refusing to be defeated, he said Sister Hartley don't let my atonement for you be in vain." That did it. I finally got up, tagged him, and went in to play. I didn't think to much of this experience at the time but as I have pondered it I have learned much from it. How many times is the Savior right there offering to tag us back in but we refuse because of pride? More specifically, being content with where and who we are. In Sister Steg's words... we are comfortable. I cannot let the Saviors Atonement for me ever be in  vain. It is always there. He is always there to tag us back in if we will but only let him. We must access it.
Our Zone

We had an amazing miracle yesterday. We had just finished dinner and began briefly planning when we got a phone call from a member. He said there was a guy in the parking lot that we had OYMed several weeks ago! We went to the chapel immediately and he was just smiling when he saw us. He said, "I promised I would come and I am a man of my promises." He is an older gentleman. We gave him a chapel tour and did some how to begin teaching. He is amazing. He knows the end is near for him and he wants to get his life in order. He knows there is so much more to life and he is so weighted down with guilt and shame. He accepted everything. He is a miracle. 

Anyways.. I love you all. Have a great week!


Sister Hartley 
Look what I found while tracting

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