Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Pray for me and my new area and companion

I don't even know where to start it has been a wonderful week. We had transfer call last night. It was wild like always. The unexpected happened as usual...but I felt that I would be leaving. I am just starting to get to comfortable here and I need to get out and climb the next mountain. I love this area though and all of the people in it: members and recent converts especially. But they will be taken care of and will see them again. 

So this was my face when I found out I was being transferred!!! No just kidding... Sister Furner hid in the bathroom and when I opened the door she scarred me and took a picture of it! Best picture ever eh?

I am so very humbled to have spent the first 7 transfers of my mission in the Boynton area. I have seen many miracles and I can definitely see God's hand in me being here so long. I may have been in the same area but much has changed. I was able to be a part of the newly formed Delray Beach ward and play an integral ward in pioneering the missionary efforts as well as now seeing a newly formed Boynton Beach Stake. Same area but different ward and stake! God's work is surely hastening and I am so grateful to have been able to witness this first hand. 
Wahoo we are done 12 week!!! One of our miracle returning members. I just adore her. Classiest old lady ever...

 One of our miracle returning members. I just adore her. Classiest old lady ever...

We had Stake Conference this weekend and 2 general authorities came to reorganize the stake. It was such an exciting day. Great things are happening in this part of the vineyard. In Stake Conference the General authorities talked all about the work of salvation. We don't hasten the work by being hasty. What it really means is completion. Completing families...on both sides. Both missionary work and family history work. Part member families must be completed and non members baptized and then on to the temple...it was such a good conference. It was very motivating. I loved every minute of it. Our new Stake President himself is a convert of 14 years. He is a piano tuner and one day he went to a ladies home and while he was tuning her piano she shared the Gospel with him and gave him a Book of Mormon. He is so converted. He may have only been a member for 14 years but he said he has only sat with his wife for a year and a half because of his callings! He has been in a bishopric, bishop, high council, you name it he has done it! He is so awesome. There are prepared people. We must open our mouths and talk to them!!!!! 

Hope you all have a great week. Pray for me and my new area and companion please. Thanks for all the love and support! 
 The sandwiches we had for lunch were HUGE! 

I live with two crazy sisters

Zone Conference

 My STL's and me. I love these dear sisters. Exchanges with them are the best. 

FHE with my favorite family! We teach the new member lessons in Members homes for FHE's...it is always some of my favorite memories. We taught of the importance of prophets. Each paper had a different bible/book of mormon prophet and they had to ask yes or no questions to determine who they were. It was a lot of fun. They are all getting to no the Book of Mormon really well!

My foot continues to heal from the bike crash... It was starting to get infected and we just happened to be teaching a lesson at the mission nurses home she checked it out and told me what I needed to do. All my shoes would rub against it so she told me to go without a shoe. Made for a good conversation starter with people. 

Teaching one of our investigators... he was so excited when he found out I grew up on a ranch. I brought him all sorts of pictures and he just loved them and asked question after question. He was pretty disappointed though when he found out I didn't ride much and didn't even have my own horse.. haha He had a CAT hat on and I asked him if he ever wore John Deere hats and he said he did. The next lesson he brought each of us one!!! I was so happy. The other man is another one of our investigators...we had a combined lesson with them both. 

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