Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I get to do something that not many missionaries get to do.

Happy 4th. There was a ward breakfast. It was so fun. We heard fireworks for 3 days straight! It all made a big mess. 

It has been a good week. Transfers are this week. I am staying. haha I love this area. Who knows maybe i'll never leave. I am so grateful for staying here.  and that is see our recent converts progress! They all have changed so much. I think that Victor and Nedia and there family have changed the most. Nedia got a calling yesterday! She is the young woman secretary! Sister Lieber (YW president) said that ever since the ward had been created (back in February) she hadn't felt good about anyone for her secretary so she never called one. However, once Nedia and her family were baptized she knew that Nedia was the one she was patiently waiting for. Isn't that neat?! It is so cool with the new ward. We have so many callings that need to be filled that God is literally leading us to those who need to fill the callings. He organizes everything perfectly. 

We have a dear Sister that is returning to activity. She hasn't been to church in 35 years. She has caught the spirit of Elijah. It literally is her family that has already passed that is bringing her back. She wants nothing more than to be sealed to her parents. It is so precious. I will get a picture of her this week. She is precious. 

We all got to Meet President Richardson and his wife this week. They are wonderful. He shook all of our hands. His Grandma grew up in Taber so he spent many summers there. He could talk about Southern Alberta for days. He told us some pretty neat facts about our mission and I am going to take some time to brag....haha..... he said that our mission, according to the Apostles, is the most obedient mission in the ENTIRE world and as a result we are the highest baptizing mission is North America. Exact Obedience brings miracles. I am so grateful to be in this mission. We do all we can to be obedient. Not because we are compelled to be or because we want the blessings but because we Love God with all our hearts. I am so grateful to be here. 

Sister Hartley 

Happy Canada Day! It was a great day!!! Thanks both Mom and Aunt Bev for all the fun decorations! We just "happened" to have apartment inspections as well so the Sommerfeldt's were able to see it! They loved it! I just adore them both. It is such a blessing to have them here. 

Last P-Day we played volleyball in the soaking rain as a district! So fun! Sister Andrew and I had to change right after to go get something for the Scones so that is why we changed. 

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