Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The spirit is always with us

What an amazing week we had, for it was truly miracle filled. As I look back on each day my heart is so full. 

I was studying Alma 37 this week and really fell in love with Alma's counsel to his sons. I love how he teaches that it is truly the small and simple things that make the big difference and bring miracles. I have really seen the truth of this principle this week and would like to relate a few experiences to illustrate it.

This week Sister Price and I really focused on hard work and diligence. God truly blessed us with the experiences necessary to learn these principles which I am most grateful. We had just finished our hour of harvesting and were heading back to the car. We felt prompted to harvest a little bit longer even though it didn't fit our schedule. We turned around and kept knocking. After a few rejections and unanswered doors we began to really wonder why we were still here. We kept the faith and remained diligent. The next door we knocked on came the miracle--Jackie! So amazing. So elect. After the prayer she was in tears. She said that all day she had felt that her heart was being prepared for something but she didn't know what. She usually never answers the door but when she heard us knock something inside her said that this was what she was waiting for and to get up and answer the door! When she opened the door and saw us she knew this is what God was preparing her for. She accepted everything and is so excited to be baptized. As we are diligent and yield to the spirit--2 small things--God blesses us with even greater things. Miracles.

Weekly planning can sometimes seem monotonous; however, it is sacred time. It is time that we are spiritually creating for the coming week. While weekly planning we felt inspired to pick a few members that lived in the areas where we were working so that if anything ever fell through we could go and strengthen the members. That night our appointment ended earlier then we had anticipated. It was 8:40 and rather then heading home we were determined to give all of our time to the Lord and his work. We looked at the members we had chosen that morning and identified one to go and see. We approached her house only to see beware of dog signs everywhere and a locked gate. With strong faith that we were right where we were supposed to be, we knocked on the gate. A fear piercing growl responded. Alarmed I, jumped back not wanting to see the animal belonging to the bark. I heard the door open and someone come out. I shouted that it was the Sister Missionaries. She quickly assured us that she was grateful for us to come by but to come back another time. I wasn't going to give in that easily, (After all, my trainer taught me to be BOLD) I knew we were there for a specific reason. We assured her that we wanted to say a prayer with her and would only take a few moments. After some loving persuasion she agreed and came out to pray with us. Turns out she has been less active for a very long time. She was in tears after the blessing as she went on to explain all the trials she is currently going through. The spirit was very strong. This experience taught me so much. From being diligent until the end and using every minute of time the Lord has given us, to effective weekly planning. It truly was these small and simple things that brought about a great miracle. Diligence truly brings miracles. There were multiple times that we just could have turned back. Like the Dog, or her initial rejection, or the fact that we were almost out of time. But we didn't. We remained diligent. It is as we hold out faithful to the end that God blesses us with miracles. 

I can't believe how cold it has been at home. I am so grateful to be here in Florida... I have such respect for missionaries that work in the cold. I can't imagine working in the cold... especially knocking doors. God knew I needed to go somewhere warm!
I get along well with Sister Price. She works complete opposite from Sister Stegelmeier so we are learning how to work together and combine our strengths.Dad you asked about driving. Sister Price is Senior comp so she drives. She is so short that she has to sit on a pillow to see! haha. I know my way around like a champion now though for the most part. I bought a GPS so we use that when we need to, but for the most part we know how to get everywhere. I asked God to help me with this and he has so I am grateful. This week we have a member from the seventy coming. Elder and Sister Kopischke is coming. It will be really good. I am excited. The temple is causing so much excitement. I can't wait.

I love you all so much. Thank you for all the love, prayers, and letters. I appreciate it all so much. 


Sister Hartley 
Sister Price

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