Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Our area is so funny

Well it has been another eventful week with much learning and growth. Travis your transfer training again?!?! Your family tree is growing bigger and bigger. Katelyn your new area sounds a lot like the areas in our mission... Your new companion sounds awesome.. international companionship's are the best. 

Our area is so funny... today we were in Wal-Mart and we overheard a few retired people's conversations.. they were centered on Golf and we heard one couple excitedly tell another "It's great the shower is only this far from the toilet, everything is so close just perfect for us." haha It was priceless... Old people are so funny. 

Guess what else is funny? Elder Thomas is my District Leader! haha this is the closest I have served around him. We had a comp study with them yesterday and we laughed about things only people from Cardston would understand. haha He sure has changed a lot.. He talks so much more. He was pretty shy before, he has grown a lot spiritually to, He is a great District Leader. 

Things are progessing well in our area... we are teaching a lot of Part Member families which is so good to see. We are building up a teaching pool it is so great to see our empty area book begin to fill up. I love it. The field here is so ready to harvest. Sister Allen is amazing. We are learning so much from each other. I love seeing her grow more and more each day. 

All is well! Thank you for all the love and support! 


Sister Hartley 

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