Tuesday, 7 April 2015

101 new members of the church!

Well Conference was just great wasn't it! I loved everything about it except that we didn't get to hear from Richard G. Scott that made me really sad. I hope he is ok. It was great to here about Karl Tillman! That made me happy as well. I hope we can each change in the way the Lord wants us to because of the great truth we were taught. I am excited to study the messages for the next 6 months. I always learn more when I greater search and ponder them. 

March was a wonderful month for the mission. The phrase "Miracle March" was the theme. We set a goal for 100 baptisms as a mission... and guess what? We got 101!! 101 new members of the church! That is a good sized branch. The unity we all felt as a mission was great. We reached new heights together. It really was great. We have amazing leadership in the mission. We plan to continue on a steady upward course. 

We had a great miracle while waiting for Conference. We were eating lunch in the church kitchen when we noticed a family out in the parking lot riding there bikes. We headed out to contact them. They have twin boys that are three years old. We quickly related that I was a twin as well and this gave us an instant connection. From there it was easy to transition into talking about the family, and since we were in the church parking lot that made it even easier to transfer it into a gospel conversation. It all flowed so well God organized it all beautifully. It turns out they live just down the road from the church. The Mom is Catholic and the Dad is Baptist and they want to be unified. They are alternating churches right now and are confused as to why they are both so different. They want to be taught and committed to church. It was an amazing miracle. They are a wonderful, young, and kingdom building family. The twins will have the blessing of growing up in the Gospel. We are so excited to begin teaching them.

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