Monday, 4 May 2015

It's great to be home

Mom loves to decorate the house for my homecoming

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Family support is great

Love my parents

My well worn out shoes

My crazy mom did this to my bedroom door

Unpacking took forever

It was great to go for a run in the country

Mom had my missionary scrap book all done

More decorations out side

My twin sister came home one week later and it snowed two days after she was home.


  1. Hi! Congrats on completing you mission! I leave for the ft lauderdale mission in early september and was wondering about shoes. Are sister missionaries allowed to wear sandal type shoes? I've seen several pictures of girls wearing them, but I didn't really read anywhere that it is allowed? But hey if it is allowed then that would make my day! Thanks! :)

    1. I am so happy for you!! The mission sees so much success because of it's leadership and culture of exact obedience. You are heading to the right place. :D You can wear sandal type shoes with two exceptions: no flip flops of any kind and no open toed shoes when biking. I would highly recommend bringing or buying when you get there a pair of ballet flat type crocks. They are perfect for the rain (and it rains a lot). They will keep you from wrecking your nice shoes and help your feet dry quicker. I would always keep mine in the car so when it would rain I could quickly change my shoes. Another thing you might want to know is what you can listen to. We are a Mormon Tabernacle Choir only mission. Trust me, you will soon see what a blessing that is. So don't bring any EFY CDs or things like that because you will send it right home. I hope that helped. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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