Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Arturo was baptized yesterday!

Family and Friends,
It has been a revelatory week. We had interviews with President as well as a comp study with the AP's on Saturday. I learned a lot. President never ceases to amaze me.

Arturo was baptized yesterday!  We love Arturo. He is Cuban; thus, we teach him in Spanglesh. He can't speak English very well but he understands it. Sister Montoya teaches him in Spanish and then when we switch I teach in English. It amazes me how things just flow. The language of the spirit takes over. I can't speak much Spanish but I can understand it pretty well. Sister Montoya's English is greatly improving. She is getting more bold with it everyday and this makes me happy. I can pray in Spanish now and our Spanish investigators get so excited every time I do. haha I love it.

Our little YSA branch is progressing so well. We are gaining a lot of trust with them...really trying to mend any broken bridges from the past. We are visiting members, serving them, and as a result they are coming out with us and starting to feed us which in YSA is a miracle. I love all the members so much. They are at such a fragile stage in their life with there testimony. I can see many just wavering. We are trying to do all we can to help them. I have learned this week that each and everyone of us can make a great impact and have lasting influence on all those around them. We may think what we are doing doesn't matter but I know it does. Small things really do bring about great things. Never shy away from doing something right. Always stand for principle. Don't settle for the good or the better but truly always seek to be the best. It makes an eternal difference.
I love you. Have a wonderful week.
O one more thing... Sister Montoya knows the Redford family (Jim and Anita) small world eh? I guess Taylor served his mission in Costa Rica in her families ward!

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