Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My Wonderful Companion is leaving this week.

Hello beautiful family and friends. It has been an amazing week of miracles here in Boynton Beach south. I can't believe transfer number 2 has ended and number 3 has begun. Time flies. Enjoy every minute of it. I am overwhelmed with all Father does for us. We have an incredible God.

We had several amazing experience this past week that I want to share. 

 Bishop has given us a list of less actives that he wants us to contact. We were looking for one address the other day and got very lost. We decided to ask some people out on the lawn. They gave us directions that we needed and then we asked to leave a blessing with them. They readily accepted. Both loved it and openly and eagerly accepted baptism. In the first lesson, we learned that she has almost read the entire Book of Mormon and knows it is true. We had a member with us that readily bared her testimony of the Temple. She is so excited to be baptized and go to the Temple! This experience has taught me so much. As we heed the counsel of the Bishop and do what he wants us to God blesses us with miracles. Had we not went looking for the less active and gotten lost we wouldn't have found this beautiful family. 

It was Stake Conference this past week. It was so good! All about Hastening the Work of Salvation. Both President and Sister Anderson talked. My love for them continues to grow and grow. President talked about the importance of members in lessons and decided to do an unexpected role play. He looked out in to the congregation and said, "Can I have Elder... O wait no can I have Sister Stegelmeier and Sister Hartley come up here please." My heart dropped! I was so nervous. I decided though to choose faith and not fear and just be grateful for the experience. We role played with President in front of the entire stake! (sometimes I worry that God truly does grant each righteous desire of Sister Stegelmeier's heart and what it in turn means for me! haha she has always wanted to Role Play with President in front of the stake) It was awesome. I am so grateful for the experience.

KJ and Keon were baptized yesterday! Fun Fact... we met them on Christmas Day! Miracle I think yes! It was KJ's 15 birthday as well. What an awesome birthday present eh? So amazing. Since it was stake conference we had a combined baptism with others from the Zone. It was very special. I love KJ and Keon so much. Such strong young men, both have such a strong desire to be close to God. There Mom really wants to be baptized as well but is living with the boys Dad--Kevin. They just need to live the Law of Chastity and then they can be baptized. I am praying so hard. Only the Gospel will be able to heal the hurt that exists in this family. One of the hardest things for me as a missionary is to remember that everyone has there agency. It breaks my heart when people know what they need to do and choose not to. We fought so hard for our agency, and to see people disregard it truly breaks my heart. If I feel this sorrow, I can't imagine how Father must feel seeing his children destroy what they first longed for.

I am so grateful to be on a mission. I have learned so much this past 2 transfers. Forever changed. I am so grateful.
Zone activity last week on PDay. So much fun!

KJ and Keon's baptism. Neftali baptized them! So much joy. 

We had a really fun FHE last night with Neftali and his family. I made playdo and we did sheraids (spell?). It was so fun! They are all so smart! All have been paying such close attention in church. For only being baptized just over a month and a half they know so much. I love them. We also read the story of when Nephi gets the plates and had them create the story as we read. It was a fun evening! Reminded me of all the fun FHE's we had growing up doing the same thing. 

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