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Angies baptism day.

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Angies Baptism
Like usual, I just don't know where to start. We saw so many might miracles this week. I just love being a missionary. I love Sister Andrew she grows more and more each day. We had a pretty  busy day and I think I really tired her out! Poor thing just collapsed in bed at the end of the day with delightful exhaustion. haha Missionary work is hard work, but even more rewarding. She has been working on memorizing the first vision, but in lessons she gets nervous and reads it from the pamphlet. Well, it came time to say it and she grabbed the pamphlet but I quickly cut in, "I'll hold the picture". and grabbed the pamphlet from her so she couldn't see it. Her face was priceless... But she did it! She said it perfectly and the spirit was strong. I was proud of her and now she knows she can do it! A common theme this week was selfless finding. Here are 2 miracles that I included in my email to President: 

As a companionship we set a weekly chapel tour goal. We arranged one with 2 of our investigators. When we arrived at the church we saw a confused mother and son at the door. Not recognizing them, we quickly parked and approached them. Before we could say anything the Mother said, "How do we come to this church? What time is service? My son wants to become part of it." Turns out he watches BYU TV regularly particularly the weekly devotional. He related how he loves President Monson and all the apostles. Not only that, but the Mom said she had searched every book store looking for a Book of Mormon then she finally realized they could get a free one online and he loves it. We invited them to join the Chapel tour with us and they gladly did. The Mom kept saying how impressed she was and while she didn't know near as much as her son she was open to learning more. Before they left he asked for all the Videos we had that we could give him. We gave him a Restoration DVD. We passed the information along to the Elders and when they contacted him he was already watching the movie. He came to church yesterday and loved it and is getting baptized next Sunday

On Saturday night we were contacting at a popular park in our area. We approached a Haitian man reading a book. Though his English was limited, we were able to pray with him and leave him a church card. We didn't think much of it until the next morning he called asking for directions! We were able to give the phone to the Elders who explained to him in Creole how to get there. He came, loved it and is preparing to be baptized next week. It is so neat to see how the Lord works. We were able to find to very elect people for 2 other companionships in our district. We were tempted to ask the question, "When will we find someone elect for us?" We resisted and kept the faith. God then undoubtedly blessed us with a miracle yesterday as Angie was baptized! It all came together. As we are selfless in our finding God will bless us with miracles in our areas.

Angie's baptism went so well! We have been teaching her for quite a while and it has been quite a roller coaster ride. I love her so much.. She is very precious to me. I have never seen her so happy as we did yesterday. So many things contributed to this wonderful miracle but I think a big part of it was love, humility, and the power of the Book of Mormon.. and being bold! haha we definitely were very bold with her. But bold with lots of love.

I love the ward so much. I am getting so close with all the members. They have all touched my heart and life in immeasurable ways.

We had interviews this week with President. I always love the time we get to spend with him and his precious wife. Sister Anderson is an Angel. This is there last transfer. O how I will miss them! President and I talked a lot about the Gift of Tongues. (Remember how I received that at my setting apart?) It was very eye opening. It truly is more than speaking another language. In PMG it says "The Lord declared, "Every man shall hear the fulness of the gospel in his own tongue, and in his own language". We talked about how this means not only in there native language but also in a way that they will understand. In a way that truly speaks to there heart. I have had several experiences with this where the spirit was truly able to give me the words to say to certain individuals that touched there heart and allowed them to understand when previously they couldn't. It is special to experience.God has undoubtedly blessed me with the ability to speak "the language of the spirit" and I am so grateful. 

I love you all! 


Sister Hartley 

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