Tuesday, 17 June 2014

That is what happens when you open your heart to the spirit... you change.

Sister Price came to visit and came teaching with us!
We had a good week. One of my favorite things to do is have Family Home Evening with recent converts! We had one with Victor's family last week and it went so well! We got there and I heard this music playing in the background which they normally don't do. I asked what it was and Victor smiles and says, "It is mormon channel!" haha I was so happy. The daughter has come out with us a few times as well and it is always so fun. The son came up to us as well and said, "Sister Hartley when are you going to take me on a mini mission?" It made me so happy! He is going to start going out with the Elders. It makes me feel so happy to see them progress. 

Angie was confirmed yesterday. It was a happy time. She looked so good. In white skirt and very modest top. She has changed right before our eyes. That is what happens when you open your heart to the spirit... you change. 
This morning a sister in the ward took us shopping and Goodwill. It is a really good one because lots of rich people live near by.. haha we each found some fun things. It is always fun being with the members. They really spoil us rotten. 

We had a wonderful spiritual experience on Saturday night. We had time for one more door and we both prayed earnestly that we would find someone who would come to church the next day. We were led to Marie. She opened the door just barely a crack not wanting to be bothered. We were bold, happy, and faith filled. As a result she just couldn't turn us away. She allowed us in. We prayed with her and the spirit in the room was evident. We testified of church and she hesitated and wouldn't commit. We taught doctrine of God answering prayers and she agreed that if God told her to go she would. She prayed right there and after we just sat there in silence for a few minutes before asking, "What does God want you to do?" All she could say was, "I'll come, i'll come." She did and loved it! It was a wonderful experience. 

 Thank you for all your strong faith and prayers! 


Sister Hartley 
It is Mango season!! How do Haitians get mangos off the tree?? Like this! haha We don't have a mango tree near us but they are everywhere... literally all we have to do is while harvesting so how much we love mangos and people just give them to us! They are so good for breakfast or smoothies... I love them. 

We went to a Japanese dinner with a member. It was fun.
I think I may have been working  Sister Andrews to hard.

 We are working on getting this family back to church! The grandma is 80 years old and has quite the personality. 

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