Monday, 2 June 2014

I am a trainer now.

Dear Family and Friends,

It has been another wonderful week! It is getting hotter and more humid each day. Rain is starting to be 
more consistent. Everyone says that it will soon rain every day in the mid afternoon. I am not complaining 
though because I would rather be rained on then in the hot direct sun. Anyways it is an adventure. Sister Andrew 
is my new companion! She is 23 and from New Zealand. I love her so much already. She is very humble and quick
to apply anything that we talk about. I am kind of overwhelmed with training but I know the Lord will help me. I want to give 
her the experience that Sister Stegelmeier gave me. Those first 12 weeks were the best thing for me and I hope to do the 
same for her. Her accent is pretty much the best thing ever. She always says things like "heaps and heaps" to say a lot. or 
the rubbish bin or lets go to the toliet. She has lots of cute little things that she says, anyways we are getting along well. 
It will be a good next 2 transfers. 

My new companion from New Zealand, Sister Andrew 
Remember how in my setting apart blessing President Lybert said that I would be known through out the mission as a 
hard worker? Well at Transfers we were giving Sister Anderson a hug and she told Sister Andrew that she had one of the 
hardest working sisters in the mission as her trainer. I love Sister Anderson. She always says just what I need to hear. Later that
day Sister Smith, one of our STL's, said the same thing. I was feeling very inadequate but these two inspired comments
 were truly words from the Lord that he trusted me. I am so grateful. 

This past week we felt very inspired to harvest in our ward mission leaders area. Before Harvesting we went to there house and asked if they wanted to come with us. Two of there girls readily agreed. We said a prayer together and then asked them to take us to all there friends houses. They, being young and fearless, did just that! It was a wonderful experience. People who normally would have refused us openly accepted us as they saw the kids with us. We were able to bless many wonderful families. People that we had knocked on before and didn't agree to let us pray were now happily accepting us. It was a miracle. Afterwards we talked with the family about how we had planted many wonderful seeds and how they could help harvest them. We talked about family home evening and they committed to inviting a particular family over the following week! It was so wonderful to truly work side by side with the members. It is no doubt slower, but ultimately I know it will lead to not only baptisms, but also continued activity. I have a strong testimony of member missionary work. 

Well I think that is all for now. I love being a missionary. I learn so much everyday. I miss you all but am never homesick. There is just not enough time to be. I love you all! 


Sister Hartley
You know that the missionaries are all together when the church parking lots looks like this! haha This way we don't have to back each other out. Also I am the designated driver now! It feels so good to be driving.

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