Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Turns out she is even a minister at her church!

Wow what a week! We saw so many miracles and I am so grateful. I LOVE Sister Aisa!!! We are so unified and I love it. We get along well, which I am grateful for. We have a lot of time in the car so lots of time to talk, laugh, and just enjoy the moment. We only get to be on missions once. We have the best sisters and we love going on exchanges with them. I got to experience my first MLC (mission leadership conference) and it was a treasured experience that I am grateful for. This is undoubtedly God's work. 

Comp Study with the Assistants! These are the hardest working Elders ever!!!!

This one time we were in a trio for the afternoon...

Picture from my first MLC (Mission Leadership Council). All the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders come together to receive training from President and the Assistants. The District Leaders were invited this time as well.

Our area is doing well. We experienced a huge finding miracle this week! Following MLC, we talked together on the way home about what we wanted to apply in our stewardship and area. We felt that we needed to be more persistent with our OYMing. Rather then focusing on giving pass along cards, we determined to seek a harvest prayer at every opportunity. God gave us an immediate situation. We had just followed up with a referral and were heading back to the car when we saw a couple getting out of the car. We approached them, gave them a card, and began to talk with them. Looking tired and complaining, the wife claimed she wanted nothing to do with us but said that we should pray with her husband. She headed up to her apartment expecting us to stay there and pray in the parking lot but we didn't. We testified that it was a blessing for his home. Finally, he agreed and we followed him up to the apartment. Long story short, in the end both the husband and THE WIFE joined us for the prayer and they loved it! We gave them a Book of Mormon, invited them to be baptized, and they agreed to come to church. We didn't once doubt that they would come. They were honest people. On Sunday they both walked in!! Not only that but the wife got up and bore her testimony!!! She started off with, "Well this is the first time I have ever been to a Mormon church. . . " and it went from there. Turns out she is even a minister at her church!                              
Our investigator that bore her testimony on Sunday!

She related how we found her and how impressed she was with our love, boldness, persistence, and obedience. She could tell that we had a purpose for being there. She commented on how we were so full of faith and determined that she just couldn't say no. It was such an incredible testimony. She recognized the light in us. It really hit us that this is what being a FFLM missionary is all about. We are bold. We are loving. We are full of faith. We are persistent. We are challenging and testifying. All-members and non members-will recognize these qualities because we literally are being beams of light for all to see. This is what FFLM is all about.

This experience of having one of our investigators bare there testimony also developed a lot of trust with members of the ward. They were able to here what we do in relation to harvesting from the investigators perspective. They were able to see how hard we work. It was such an incredible experience. We were so grateful to God for allowing us to see such a big miracle! We know many more are in store as we continue to be true FFLM missionaries.
There are twins in our ward!
In effort to greater know the ward and develop the trust of the members, we decided to go to Young Women's. I felt so old! haha they are all SO young. It was an amazing experience though. Sister Aisa and I were able to contribute a lot to the lesson and we could tell the leaders really appreciated us being there. It really impacts the girls to have us there. It made me so grateful for my own young women's leaders and teachers. They have all impacted my life so much. I never thought that I would receive my Endowment at such a young age. However, I was prepared to do so and the young women's program and my leaders played an integral part in that. I am so grateful.
We have another busy week ahead. It will be another amazing one filled with miracles! I love you all!

Sister Hartley 

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