Monday, 17 November 2014

I am going to miss this girl!

I am going to miss this girl!

Sister Montoya is still not 100% better. In fact, she needs surgery. She will be having it on Wednesday. Tomorrow they are doing an emergency transfer. This means that I will be getting a new companion tomorrow afternoon. They haven't told me who yet, but I will find out tonight. She will have her surgery on wednesday and then hopefully she will be good to go in a week and she will finish her mission in another area. I know it is the Lord's will, but we are both in shock about it. We are sad not to say together. It is crazy to think that today will be our last day together. :( I will sure miss my favorite Costa Rican. I will get to train a new STL so that will be fun.

We still didn't have much time to work this week with the sickness and all. We were able to go on splits with members a few nights and then I was able to go on exchange with Sister Simmons and her companion stayed with Sister Montoya. We had an amazing miracle filled day together. Our District Leader wanted me to focus on having faith filled words and actions. We did and we saw miracles because of it. We knocked on a door and at first the lady kept refusing and refusing but we were so full of faith that she just couldn't say no. She let us in to a chaotic home. Multiple TVs were blaring and kids were screaming. Because we were full of faith we got all the TVs turned off, and all the kids quieted down. We all knelt down together and we prayed and the spirit was strong. Afterwards all the kids sat without saying a word and the Mother was in tears. We testified of families and they all accepted our invitation of baptism. Another miracle happened as we were teaching a lady struggling to live the word of wisdom. We read some scriptures with her. The first time we read it normally. We then taught and discussed the principles the scripture taught. We then had her read it again to us but told her to change the wording to apply it to herself and her situation. She made it about halfway through the scripture and then the tears came. The spirit was strong. I am so grateful for the doctrine and princples contained in the scriptures. They truly show and tell us all things that we must do. The scriptures are our greatest tools to teach.

 Sister Simmons was so happy for the miracles. (She is a new missionary and is still adjusting.) I asked her after, "Sister why were we able to see that miracle?" She responded "Because of our faith." It was the best moment ever. All we need is faith and exact obedience and we will do miracles for the Lord. We had a great exchange and both learned a lot. I love going on exchanges with new missionaries. They are so humble and eager to learn. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to go on exchanges with Sisters. I learn so much from them.

Sister Price asked me to share a little something about Charity so here it is.

Before my mission I thought of charity as service. You do your Visiting teaching, you make a plate of cookies and deliver it to someone, you write a nice note, you make your siblings bed... stuff like that. But Charity is so much more. It is the pure love of Christ. When we have charity we are concerned for the eternal welfare of all those around us. Not there temporal needs or something that will put a smile on there face. But truly there ETERNAL needs. When we have true charity we will do all we can to share the Gospel with others because this is what will meet there eternal needs. I think of our time together Sister Price and truly it was because of Charity that we were able to teach Angie. Had she not felt the love we had for her she would have kept not wanting to listen to us. Anyways there is a few things hopefully that helps you a little bit.

I love this great work.

Have a great week.

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