Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Thank you for all the birthday and Christmas wishes!

Wow I look back on this week and I can't believe all that has happened. First off thank you everyone for the Birthday and Christmas wishes! I am grateful for all the cards and emails that have come! I am sorry if I don't write you each back individually but please no that I am very grateful. I had a great birthday... I received the best present ever! I am going to be a grandma! That means that Sister Andrew is training a new sister! I am so excited for her. She will do great. 

It is transfers this week and I will be getting transferred. I will find out tomorrow where I am going. I love the start of a new transfer. It is another beginning and chance to start fresh. This morning I took sometime to ponder all that has happened these past 2 transfers. I have learned and experienced so much. I don't even know how to put it into words but I am so grateful. 

On Wednesday we received a phone call from a pair of zone leaders. It came late at 10:27 just 3 minutes from when we are to be to bed. They told us that they were with a set of sisters and we needed to pack somethings and immiedately head over there to stay the night for the next couple of days. We were both confused. What? Why? We said Elders it is 10:30 why do we need to come now... they kept saying and being my usual prideful self I kept asking questions needing to know the details finally the Elder said here I will put President on the phone will you believe him? haha So next thing I know President is on the phone telling us the same thing... so we packed somethings and headed over to there apartment which was a good 30 minutes away. It was an adventure. The Sisters were having some issues at there place so we have been sleeping over there the past several nights... we haven't been getting much sleep... it feels good to be in my own bed again...haha I have learned to sleep anywhere. I love the Sisters whom we get to serve. 

I got to be on exchange with Sister Montoya this week. How I love that girl! We talked about so many things...we laughed, we cried, it was a tender time. I will miss her so much as she goes home this week. I have learned so much from her. We learned so much and experienced so much together. At times I still can't believe that we really were companions and all that we went through together but looking back we wouldn't have it any other way. The Lord knows what he is doing. I have been so blessed to have wonderful companions.. most of them international as well: New Zealand, Australia, and Costa Rica...

I can't believe how fast time goes.. this transfer there are a lot of missionaries going home... Most of the leadership of the mission is going home.. there will be lots of new Zone leaders and STL's... At times I still feel as though I am one of the young ones but the reality is that I am one of older ones now... I can't believe it. Time goes by. I love my mission. Every minute of it. I am so grateful to be here. 

I love you! 

Sister Hartley 

 Sister Richardson and I at our Christmas Conference. 

I was missing my twin on my Birthday so I had to recruit a new one! 

The branch brought a cake that we ate after church on Sunday

The girl on the left is a really special member that comes teaching with us quite a bit and the girl on the other side is our investigator! I love her. She will be baptized this coming sunday

Sister Price the bow one is for you!! I thought I would make you proud.

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