Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Every day matters

It is transfers again so I am emailing today. I can't believe that another transfer has started... my last one. I can't believe it. Every day matters. Sister Montague and I had some things happen in our area this week:

We visited an inactive for the first time. He was baptized 4 years ago when he married his wife but has been inactive for 2 years; however, his wife faithfully comes, holds a calling, and attends the Temple regularly. He works at bass pro shop and is into all that so we used that to connect. It was funny he claimed how he didn't really care for Sister Missionaries but he said we were changing his mind. He talked very openly with us about why he wasn't coming to church. He had to leave the room for a second to get something and when he was gone the wife sincerely smiled and thanked us for all we were doing and that she had never seen her husband so open before. We were very bold with him about coming back to church and he responded well. We promised him that if he read the scriptures everyday he would have the faith to come to church. We texted him faithfully everyday reminding him to read and on Sunday both Sister Montague and I were all smiles as they walked into church together! They sat by us and held each others hands tightly the entire time. It was precious. "We're so glad your here." We whispered. He sincerely responded, "Me to." It was a spiritual moment. We are excited to see him return to full activity.

Another great experience that we had was last night having a member moment with the Young Mens President and his wife. He looked us straight in the eye and thanked us for our faithful service. They said that between the Elders and us they really feel like they got the cream of the crop. They trust us and would happily have their family and friends taught by us. They haven't felt this way from missionaries in a long time. The spirit was strong, for we all were almost in tears. We are a team. The Elders and us. Elders Anderson and Parry are the hardest working Elders I have ever seen. Both them and us have been biking every single day. We are working hard. We are all struggling to find solid "kingdom builders" but we know they will come because we are being diligent and exactly obedient. Something great is stirring. We are helping to change the spirit of missionary work in this ward. It is turning around and charging forward.

The weather here has been so nice and perfect for biking... Sister Steg you would be so proud... I have come a long way with the whole biking thing. You would be impressed. I love parking the car in the morning and not returning until the end of the night to drive home. It is great knowing that we have our "line in the water" all day. Don't worry Mom I promise I put sunscreen on.

 I love you all! I hope you have a great week.

Sister Hartley

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