Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The missionaries are always the last ones left at church.

It has been a great sun-burning week up north. Yesterday was one of the best Sunday's of my mission. All both the Elders and us talked as well as our Ward Mission Leader. We talked about catching the vision of missionary work in the ward and presented the Ward mission plan and made sure everyone had a copy. Christa was baptized after church as well. I am so happy for her! She has been through so much in her life and this is the happiest that she has ever been. It was such a wonderful baptism for her. 

Sister Montague and I are getting along great. She is a hard worker and a great teacher.. together we get things done. It is great. Here are a few of the miracles we've seen this week:

We set a goal to bike often and look for opportunities to serve. As we've been doing this we have met many wonderful people and been able to help them. We stopped to help an older man rake the leaves in his driveway. After we asked if we could share a prayer with him and his wife and he led us inside. After the prayer the wife mentioned that there daughter in law had met with the sister missionaries a few years ago. We asked for her information and she she gave it to us. We went and followed up with the daughter. "Wow"... she said, "I was shocked the first time the sister missionaries knocked on my door and even more shocked this time." She had been helping her in-laws all morning and all her Dad could talk about was the 2 girls on bikes that stopped to help him. It was an amazing miracle to see how the Lord put it all together. We never know the seeds we plant. I wish I knew the missionaries that taught her the first time so we could thank them for making such a good impression on her. No effort is ever wasted. 

Christa's Baptism

Another miracle happened on Friday night. After MLC we received texts from both our STL's and ZL's exciting us for miracle march and miracle texts. (Sister Steg I know how you must have felt now... it is so hard to not be at MLC!! haha) They texted us miracle texts through out the night. We wanted to have one of our own.  It was 8:30 when our appointment close to our house fell through. It was so tempting to go home but we knew we needed to be diligent and God would give us a miracle. We drove to the first place possible and began knocking doors. We knocked into a lady who was very very hesitant about letting us in with it being so late. We related the miracle that got us to her door and she was stunned... we were persistent and she went and got her husband out of the shower and they let us in. After the prayer she was in tears. We taught them the next day with our WML and they came to church on Sunday! It was a last door of the night miracle. I am so grateful for the Leaders in the mission. They are mighty men and women who inspire us through there faith and examples.

Things are going well. I love being out on my bike. I've missed it. We come home dead tired but it feels so rewarding knowing that we were able to talk to so many people. 

I am so grateful for all the wonderful things that are happening. I know this is right where I am supposed to be and wouldn't be anywhere else. 

I hope you all have a great week. 


Sister Hartley  

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