Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The Trio!!Expect great things

Sebastian's baptism...

Driving to Conference with Elder Zwick

What an incredible week it has been!! I will miss my dear companion Sister Coates so much! President and Sister Richardson and I took her to the airport this morning so she can go and receive further treatment on her back. I am now in a trio with Sister's Matheson and Anderson. I am so excited to be here... I know that this is exactly where I need to be. It is going to be an eventful rest of the transfer because we will be covering both their area, and mine, and I will still be going on exchanges so it will be busy but I am excited.

We were so blessed to have Elder Zwick in the mission this past week. We had MLC with him on Wednesday and it was a treasured experience. Katelyn he was so excited when I mentioned where you were serving. He and his wife...wow there really is no words to describe them. There is such power when you are in the presence of someone who has literally given there whole life to the Lord. The power and spirit they emulate is simply amazing. After MLC, Sister Coates and I got to be 2 of the 6 blessed missionaries that were interviewed by him. He asked us several questions and then we could ask him anything we wanted. It was revelatory. I am so grateful for the opportunity. We had additional conferences with him Wednesday night, and Friday. He taught us many things... one of the themes was the Danger of Complacency...we can never be comfortable with where we are at... He shared many other things as well. It was undoubtedly what we all needed to here.

 The law of compensation is real...between all the meetings, exchanges, and Sister Coates being in so much pain (so much sitting is really hard for her) we had limited time in our area... However, We were able to get done just what we needed to. We were able to see Sebastian everyday and he was baptized yesterday and will be confirmed this coming week!!! His baptism was so special.. He has changed so much.. .afterwards he was so overcome with emotion that he just cried. I had never seen break down so much before. He has been through so much in his life and he is only 20 years old. He is so happy to be starting on this new path.

I have learned so much the past few transfers. I have learned so much patience (Sister Steg you would be so proud! I still say "We are experiencing plenty of time" just like you taught me :D) I have learned more fully that when we do our part the Lord ALWAYS does his. However, it often isn't in the same time frame that we may think. I honestly can't even begin to describe all the emotions I feel as I think back and look forward at what is ahead. Mostly I am filled with gratitude for all that I am learning and how much more refined I am becoming. The Lord is shaping me one experience at a time. I pray I will continually strive for humility so that he can keep giving me what I need. I was grateful for the opportunity talk to President this morning. Just me and him and Sister Richardson... what a blessing. President told me how much he trusts me and that he puts me where he knows no one else can go and knows I will "Get it done". I am so grateful for his trust because I know it means the Lord trusts me and that is the most important thing. I pray to always live worthy of that trust. Thank you so much for everything.


Sister Hartley

 The TRIO!! Expect great things.

Teaching Sebastian...

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